Find Out Who’s Harassing You and Stop Them: Reverse Phone Lookup

reverse-phone-lookupIt’s one thing to have your phone ringing off the hook from friends and family calling. But when the phone rings harrassingly with some random area code that you have to Google to figure out, it’s something else. Whether we are talking about telemarketers, old flames, or former friends, it’s important to know who the unwelcome caller is so you can stop it – cold. How can you do that? It’s easy – just use a reverse phone lookup!

Who is Calling Your Phone?

The first step on the road to silencing the harassing calls is to figure out who is on the other end. But what do you do when all you have is a phone number? By using the reverse phone lookup service by, you can find out the name and address of the person calling, even if it’s a cell phone number. This doesn’t just cover listed numbers in the white pages; it includes unlisted numbers too! And the best part, the person never knows they’re being looked up, so you are free to take action without them being able to cover their tracks.

Identify Found – Now What?

Once you’ve figured out who is on the other end of the line, you’ll know the best way to move forward.

  • Telemarketers – Get to the home office phone number and file a complaint within the company using the highest person you can go up to.
  • Old friends or enemies – Block their number and file a police report to stop the harassment.
  • Bill collectors – Block the number, locate the source of the issue, and deal with the financial responsibility however it’s appropriate.
  • Wildcard – Block the number, find the master location, and call to find out why you are on some list and take it off.

Prevent This in the Future

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof way to get yourself out of the address books of people that have come and gone in your life. For telemarketers, however, there are three things you can do to get yourself off of their grid.

  1. Sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry with all of the phone numbers you want covered. This includes land lines and cell phones. By signing up here, you will make it a reportable offense for telemarketers to call you. If a business calls you and violates the terms, you can file an official complaint on teh registry website. Note: There are exceptions to what the registry covers, so make sure you read them over on the website.
  2. Set up blocks on your phone each time a number comes through that you don’t want calling again. Most home and/or cell phones have blocking capability, so look up the procedure with your phone provider to see how to stop them.
  3. Notify any company that calls you to immediately remove you from their calling list. Just because you tell them you’re not interested doesn’t mean they won’t call you back, but if they are a good company, they won’t. If they don’t respect it, call them at their home office and tell a manager or higher-up that you insist on being removed from their list. Be clear in your demand and most times they will respect it.

By looking up calls using a reverse lookup phone service and using some of these tips, you can stop harassing calls and reclaim your phone use.

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