Find Out Who Your Kids are Talking To Using Reverse Phone Lookup

reverse phone lookupImagine this scenario. You walk into your teenage daughter’s room at night, expecting to find her fast asleep. Instead, you find her buried beneath the blankets, whispering into her cell phone.

“It’s late. Hang up the phone,” you say.

“OK sorry. Just talking with Laura about a class project,” she counters.

Hmmm.. Laura must have a very deep voice, you think. She was clearly talking to someone of the opposite sex. And after midnight? This does not bode well. You’ll need to do a little digging to find out who was on the other end of that call.

It used to be easy enough. All you needed to do was get her mystery man’s number by looking at the call log or calling *69. Then you could perform a reverse phone lookup through an online provider. When land lines phones were the predominant, the process was simple since directories of phone numbers were easily accessible to the public.

But these days, landline phones are fading into the background, especially among young people. That means when your kids talk on the phone, chances are the person on the other end is using a cell phone. And finding a reliable reverse cell phone lookup service isn’t such a straightforward endeavor.

Why is that? Cell phone numbers are issued by individual mobile phone companies instead of by regional semi-public telephone utility systems. The cell phone companies don’t publish their subscribers numbers in a publicly distributed “phone book.” Many cell phone customers value their privacy and don’t want their personal details shared. And since cell phone customers pay for air time in “minutes,” they don’t want to have to pay for unsolicited calls.

Those facts combine to make it difficult to locate the owner of a specific cell phone number. But don’t fear – we can help you figure out who your daughter is trying to hide from you.

At, we have the ability to perform reverse phone lookups for both land lines and mobile lines using private databases that aren’t readily accessible by members of the public.

But we won’t just tell you who the cell number is registered to — we’ll go a step further and give you the address. (That could be important information to have if you truly think you’re daughter is caught up in a precarious situation.)

Our investigators will also put a name and address with all our searches. We can do a reverse mobile phone search for virtually any cell phone including prepaid wireless phones, 800 numbers, VOIP or even disconnected cell phone numbers. We will leave no stone unturned until you have the information you need to keep your family safe and secure.

True, we do charge a fee to perform searches. But maintaining up-to-date databases isn’t an inexpensive endeavor, and we only hire top-quality investigators to conduct your search.

But we don’t ask you to pay a monthly subscription fee or membership fee. We charge a one-time fee per search. And if we don’t provide accurate information, you get your money back. It’s that simple.

So for your own peace of mind, let us figure out who your daughter was talking to. Chances are it was just Johnny from next door, but these days, you just can’t be too careful.

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